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I write about sex, pot, beer, college and food. (Also science, medicine, food trends, nutrition, agriculture & business.) KendrickWorks.com / Julie@KendrickWorks.com / juliekendrick.skyword.com

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Sehoya2 article

Sex, biology and the delight of discovery: University of Minnesota

Sehoya Cotner likes to talk about sex. In fact, she talks about sex a lot. It’s all in a day’s work, after all. “The class I teach on the Evolution and Biology of Sex is a way to make biology socially and personally relevant for students, and that’s a huge goal in my teaching,” she says.

Leafline labs article

LeafLine Labs, medical cannabis dispensary

LeafLine Labs provides relief that can alleviate suffering and provide a better quality of life. I researched medical conditions, explained legal parameters, and wrote copy for this web site launch.

Boom island fs7 article

Musical, multitasking microbrewers: The Line

Two professional musicians decided to open a craft brewery, and the result is the booming Boom Island Beer.

May 2016 cvr article
Experience L!fe

Yes, you need more magnesium: Experience Life

This mineral is one of the most critical nutrients in your diet. Are you getting enough?

Picture2 article

Rise to the top: Macalester Today

Flipkey founder TJ Mahony's rise from bike-riding unemployment to entrepreneurial mega-success.

Eating well cover article

Tastemakers: EatingWell

Leah Driscoll has a novel -- and mobile -- idea to get fresh food to food deserts. Hint: she had to buy and retrofit an old city bus to get her plan in motion.

Cxgarqfwmaavx14 article

Community Foundations: Delta Sky magazine

The word "philanthropist"
can summon images of a bewhiskered gentleman somberly cutting a ribbon for a building with his name on it. But modern philanthropists have ditched the “stuffy old guy” model and are more likely to be young professionals, successful start-up founders or multigenerational families.

Lol infographic article

Land O' Lakes infographic

I researched data in multiple departments and worked closely with a graphic designer to create this multi-panel brocure/infographic.

00000000000000000000000000000000 sporting chances article

Have a ball: Meetings + Events magazine

You don’t need a killer arm, a world-class kick or a big league contract to enjoy a meeting or event in one of Minnesota’s premier sports venues

Npr logo article

The power of soup: "This I Believe" essay for NPR

I believe in the masterpieces that everyday people can create, when they’re given a chance. I believe in sharing nourishment with my friends. I believe in warm, tasty liquids on a freezing cold day. I believe in the power of soup.

0415 mnmo april 2015 cover article

College tours: Minnesota Monthly

It’s a scene playing out at college campuses across the country: a mismatched huddle of aiming-for-blasé teens and trying-not-to-be-embarrassing adults follows behind a grinning, gesticulating student guide who is managing to simultaneously walk backwards, wave to a passing roommate, and enthuse about “free” puppies brought in to reduce stress during finals week.

Page 1 thumb large article

Together again for the first time: Minnesota Good Age

Wendy Lehr and Barbara Kingsley are tearing it up in an all-female cast of "Two Gentlemen of Verona."

John sugimura article

Now trending: sea vegetables

Like the dried plum that used to be a prune, sea vegetables are the foodie-rific moniker for the former not-so-appetizing name of seaweed.

Jill article

Jll Bernard, "a wonder to behold": Minnesota Women's Press

As education director and board secretary for HUGE Improv theater, she juggles her own improv career with tasks like ensuring there's enough toilet paper in the bathrooms. "I have a hard time relaxing at shows when I'm in the audience because I'm always sitting there worrying about whether or not I've paid enough sales tax that quarter," she says.

Eating well verjus july article

Make mine verjus: EatingWell

Verjus is a enjoying a bit of a moment, thanks to artisanal crafters like Minnesota's own Locust Lane Vineyards.