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Julie Kendrick

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Nationally published writer with beats in agriculture, community, food, medicine, nutrition and science. KendrickWorks.com / Julie@KendrickWorks.com / juliekendrick.skyword.com / @kendrickworks

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Eatingwell cover 2016 september 1 issue article

Vegan butchers: EatingWell magazine

Aubry and Kale Walch cooked what they were hungry for, and the results have been phenomenal.

Delta sky cover sept 2016 article

Innovation, Minnesota style: Delta Sky magazine

Scotch tape, pacemakers and water skis: Minnesotans are always inventing.

Unfencedmagazine issue7 article

Leadership in tough times: Unfenced magazine, The Mosaic Company

Interviews with John Mendesh, Vice President, R&D, General Mills, and Cofounder, Partners in Food Solutions, Bob Ness, Director of Sales, Western North America, The Mosaic Company and other leaders.

Nace story article

Feed your neighors: Catersource magazine

A group of events professionals in New England is encouraging caterers to donate surplus prepared food to local food rescue operations. (Yes, it's legal.) Here’s how you can do it, too.

Lol infographic article

Land O' Lakes infographic

I researched data in multiple departments and worked closely with a graphic designer to create this multi-panel brochure/infographic.

Screenshot 2b2014 10 25 2b11.41.12 article

Food for thought: Renew magazine

What can a tuna sandwich or a square of dark chocolate do to improve brain function? More than you might think.

Aa gooey butter article

Was it all a mistake? The history of St. Louis' Gooey Butter Cake

Legend has it that the crazy-looking concoction, in which a cakelike crust holds a rich cream cheese filling, was first made by happy accident in the 1930s.

Delta sky food article

Grown in Minnesota: Delta Sky magazine

With a focus on ingenuity, innovation and inspiration, Minnesota serves up some of the world’s favorite food brands.

Algae article

Tiny organisms, big benefits: University of Minnesota

In an era when a new "superfood" status seems to be declared every few minutes (we're looking at you, kale), it seems only fair that animals have a chance to enjoy some of the latest trends in healthy eating. After years of popularity as a delicacy in Asian cuisine and a supplement for the health-conscious, microalgae like spirulina and chlorella are now being explored as a potentially nutrient-dense ingredient for animal feed.

Page 1 article

Pediatric brain health research: University of Minnesota

University physicians and researchers find it's never too early to begin optimizing kids' brain development.

John portrait 228x300 article

50 Years of Fluropon: Valspar

“People always ask me if I had any inkling Fluropon would become a flagship product, and I have to admit, I had no idea,” says John Kelly, Market Manager, Metal Buildings. “It’s been exciting to be involved with a product whose first response was ‘What is this stuff?’ to one that became the standard for the industry.”

0415 mnmo april 2015 cover article

College tours: Minnesota Monthly

It’s a scene playing out at college campuses across the country: a mismatched huddle of aiming-for-blasé teens and trying-not-to-be-embarrassing adults follows behind a grinning, gesticulating student guide who is managing to simultaneously walk backwards, wave to a passing roommate, and enthuse about “free” puppies brought in to reduce stress during finals week.

Experience life cover sept 2016 article
Experience L!fe

You’re Smarter Than Your Smartphone: Experience Life

Write something down once in a while; your brain will thank you.

Blue cross blue shield article

Blue Cross Blue Shield Agent Marketing Materials

I concepted and wrote this campaign, working with a graphic designer on image suggestions.

Mn good age 2017 cover keith rice article

The Once and Future King: Good Age

Eight shows a week for 41 productions: the life of a (very) hard-working actor.