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Julie Kendrick

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Nationally published writer with beats in agriculture, community, food, medicine, nutrition and science. KendrickWorks.com / Julie@KendrickWorks.com / juliekendrick.skyword.com / @kendrickworks

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Delta sky cover sept 2016 article

Innovation, Minnesota style: Delta Sky magazine

Scotch tape, pacemakers and water skis: Minnesotans are always inventing.

Robbie harrell article

The ice carver cometh: Robbie Harrell of Minnesota Ice Sculptures

He's carved everything from a life-size towboat to a 10-foot-tall Viking.

Fob renew magazine article

Renew magazine

I wrote all FOB for this issue. Articles include 10 things to do before 10 a.m., the power of color, color decorating tips, winter greens & online bonus kale chip recipe, which I developed.

Eatingwell may june 2017 article

Roots for the Home Team, Eating Well

Susan Moores helps young people look at food—and their lives—in a fresh new way.

Eating well cover august article

My butcher is a vegan! Eating Well

These meatless “meat” lovers cook up vegan versions of flavorful ribs, crispy bacon and more.

Abc snps article
Experience L!fe

SNPs in a snap: Experience Life magazine

The most common form of genetic variation, these changes in DNA happen when one single nucleotide is replaced with another. They can increase your likelihood to contract a disease, and they affect reactions to drugs and food.

0415 mnmo april 2015 cover article

College tours: Minnesota Monthly

It’s a scene playing out at college campuses across the country: a mismatched huddle of aiming-for-blasé teens and trying-not-to-be-embarrassing adults follows behind a grinning, gesticulating student guide who is managing to simultaneously walk backwards, wave to a passing roommate, and enthuse about “free” puppies brought in to reduce stress during finals week.

Strib logo article

My job imploded on an after-hours conference call

Like "BBC Dad," I was a work-from-home parent juggling professional and personal duties

Lol infographic article

Land O' Lakes infographic

I researched data in multiple departments and worked closely with a graphic designer to create this multi-panel brochure/infographic.

Fire fighter article

Brandon Maxwell's business is on fire

Lots of kids dream about growing up to become a fire fighter. He dreamed about becoming the person who feeds them.

Page 1 article

Pediatric brain health research: University of Minnesota

University physicians and researchers find it's never too early to begin optimizing kids' brain development.

Blue cross blue shield article

Blue Cross Blue Shield Agent Marketing Materials

I concepted and wrote this campaign, working with a graphic designer on image suggestions.

Exp life march 17 article
Experience L!fe

Follow the folate: Experience Life

You may not know the difference between folic acid and folate, but your body does. Learn how to get the form you need for optimal health.

Delta sky food article

Grown in Minnesota: Delta Sky magazine

With a focus on ingenuity, innovation and inspiration, Minnesota serves up some of the world’s favorite food brands.

Screenshot 2b2014 10 25 2b11.41.12 article

Food for thought: Renew magazine

What can a tuna sandwich or a square of dark chocolate do to improve brain function? More than you might think.